William J. Plummer

William Plummer was born in Durand, Wisconsin in 1927, graduated high school at 16, and completed his freshman year in Engineering at the University of Wisconsin before joining the Navy for a short stint during WWII. He returned to UW to graduate with an advanced degree in Electrical Engineering and teach engineering mechanics. There he married Wanda Ash of Alden, Minnesota, a Registered Nurse.

In 1952 the couple moved to Los Alamos, New Mexico where as a Registered Professional Engineer, Plummer began thirty years of work in technical support of LASL (the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory) and the Nevada Test Site—on nuclear development and related programs. While at Los Alamos (home of the “Manhattan Project” and where the hydrogen bomb was being designed) he enjoyed the “Big Bang” culture of scientists at work and play, and gained some notoriety performing (mostly comedy) lead roles in the active community theater. Relocating to Las Vegas in 1962, he earned an MBA at UNLV. Over the course of his career, he taught a wide variety of subjects, some at the graduate level, at various locations via part-time appointments to the staffs of nearby universities.

He began writing to record the antics of Peep–Sight (“A Quail in the Family”, 1974), and continued to log his family’s adventures with various pets (“Friends of the Family”, 1975), and he and Wanda’s mostly successful effort to return yet another five wayward quail chicks to the wild (“Five of a Kind”, 1976). He retired in 1982. He and Wanda moved to Elko, Nevada in 1985, where they have enjoyed many years exploring, photographing, and hunting in the beautiful high desert and mountainous terrain of northeastern Nevada. They still live in Spring Creek, Nevada, where they are frequently favored with visits from Gambel’s quail, who feed and breed nearby.

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