William D. Carl

William D. Carl lives in Pawtucket, R.I., and is a horror/thriller novelist. His first book was BESTIAL (book one in the Werewolf Apocalypse Saga), followed by its sequel, PRIMEVAL. Look for his terrifying giallo homage OUT OF THE WOODS from Post Mortem Press. His new series, GONE NOIR, has just commenced with the first book, THREE DAYS GONE, which follows the adventures of a private detective who gets all the weirdest cases in Cincinnati, Ohio. He has two novels forthcoming from Crossroad Press: GENTLY, WITH FEELING, a Christmas novel that his mother would have loved and THE SCREAM OF THE CICADA, a noir historical novel. His short fiction has been published in over twenty-five anthologies and magazines, like THE MANY FACES OF VAN HELSING, IN LAYMON’S TERMS, THE BEAST WEITYHIN, ROBOTS BEYOND, OUT OF THE GUTTER, NOW I LAY ME DOWN TO SLEEP, and SKIN & INK. He writes a column called Bill’s Bizarre Bijou for Cinema Knife Fight in which he talks about the strangest movies you’ve never seen. He lives with his partner of twenty-six years and one rather large hound dog.

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