Thomas Sullivan

 USA Today best-seller and Pulitzer Prize nominee Thomas Sullivan has been a gambler, a “Rube Goldberg” innovator, a coach, a teacher, a city commissioner, and an All-American athlete. Self-described as “well-ranged if not deranged,” the itinerary of his life is as eclectic as his writing. Having lived in a dozen countries by the time he was six, Sullivan is at home in many cultures and across the literary spectrum from mainstream to genre.
Labels mean little in describing his writing. The constant is that he writes “people stories,” timeless tales of individuals and relationships whether caught in fun-house mirrors or in the twists of thrilling intrigues. It is not unusual to find his books and stories reprinted in several categories as well as contemporary mainstream. Or as he puts it, “When you don’t belong anywhere, in a sense you belong everywhere.”

Nearly 100 publishing credits in all fiction categories, his work includes nine novels in over 20 domestic and foreign editions, journalism, non-fiction and active film options. His short stories have appeared in nearly every market from Omni to St. Anthony Messenger. Likewise, the literary awards and prizes have been extremely diverse, ranging from a Hemingway Days Literary Award to a Writer’s Digest listing in the Top Ten Horror Stories of All Time to a Catholic Press Association award in their Best Short Story category.

An avid swimmer, biker, cc skier and kayaker, Sullivan currently lives on a lake in Maple Grove, Minnesota, writing full-time and lecturing internationally.

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