Stephen Moore

Stephen Moore has been a published author since 1996. He’s written several well received fantasy books for older-children, middle-grade and young-adult readers. Including, Tooth and Claw, Skin and Bone, Spilling the Magic, Fiddlesticks and Firestones, The Brugan, Dead Edward and Fay (all published by Crossroad Press). Along the way, he’s had books translated into Italian, Hebrew and Russian. (Though, to date, he’s never set eyes on the Russian translation!)

Stephen also writes for grown-ups and is the author of the fantasy novel, Graynelore. (Published by HarperVoyager.)

Stephen lives in the North of England. A beautiful land he never tires of exploring; full of ancient Roman history, medieval castles and remnants of the infamous Border Reivers.

Long ago, before he discovered the magic of storytelling, he was an exhibition designer. He has many fond memories of working in the strange world of museums. Sometimes he can still be found in auction houses pawing over old relics!

He’s shared his home with a number of the animals that frequent his books. The dogs and the cats that is. Not the flying pigs! He loves art and books, old and new. He’s into rock music, movies, theatre and RPG video games! But mostly he likes to write, where he gets to create his own worlds. If forced to pick his favourite book of all time it would be, Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stephenson. The first book to inspire him as a child. Maybe, his own books are OK too?


For Tooth and Claw. ‘This brilliant novel gives you a fascinating insight into the minds of the animals we live with. A purrfect read!’ (The Times)
For Tooth and Claw. ‘Powerful and gripping reading.’ (Brian Jacques, author of Redwall.)
For Spilling the Magic. ‘Remarkably inventive. A fantastic first novel.’ (Eva Ibbotson, author of Journey to the River Sea.)
For The Brugan. ‘Bringing together real scary things (such as a new father and a new baby) and unreal scary things (supernatural beings) is no mean feat. Terrific book.’ (The Observer)

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