S. A. Stolinsky

S. A. Stolinsky is a licensed clinical and forensic psychologist in Beverly Hills, California who specializes in trauma, adults sexually, physically and emotionally abused as children, and gambling addiction. She began her career as an actress in motion pictures, television and stage and created a unique therapy combining acting exercises with psychodynamic psychotherapy to help survivors of all kinds of trauma overcome the aftereffects of abuse. Her book, the non-fiction best seller, “ACT IT OUT: 25 Expressive Ways to Heal from Childhood Abuse,” first researched and created at UCLA, is currently in its second publication from Praeclarus Press. The first edition of “ACT IT OUT” was a top seller for over nine years. It is available on Praeclarus Press, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. She is an international speaker and the author for child abuse and trauma and has taught training seminars in overcoming the aftereffects of child abuse.

She is also the author of several award-winning short stories including her newest short story anthology, DATE NIGHT. Her newest comedy/mystery, HOT SHOT, was launched on November 1, 2016 and was published by FierySeasPublishers. It can be purchased on FierySeasPublishers.com, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. She is recipient of the Good Guys Publishing award for Best Fiction twice and has been published in Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine as well as blogs and e-magazines. Dr. Stolinsky lives with her husband in Los Angeles.

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