Raymond Benson

As of January 2018, Raymond Benson is the author of 35+ published books. He is most well-known as the third–and first American–author of official continuation JAMES BOND novels (between 1996-2002), and for his critically-acclaimed best-selling THE BLACK STILETTO five-book serial, which is in development as a possible television series or feature film. Raymond’s other suspense novels–available here at Crossroad Press–are: TORMENT–A LOVE STORY, ARTIFACT OF EVIL, SWEETIE’S DIAMONDS, FACE BLIND, and EVIL HOURS, or his two “Spike Berenger Rock ‘n’ Roll Hits” (A HARD DAY’S DEATH and DARK SIDE OF THE MORGUE). His classic 1980s non-fiction tome, THE JAMES BOND BEDSIDE COMPANION is also available from Crossroad. Raymond is also the author of several media tie-in works, such as METAL GEAR SOLID. His most recent novels are THE SECRETS ON CHICORY LANE (2017) and IN THE HUSH OF THE NIGHT (2018). There’s a lot more, so if you want the full story visit the author athis website.

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