Johnette Napolitano

Hollywood, California native Johnette Napolitano has toured the world as the main voice and bassist of the Award-winning rock trio Concrete Blonde. A respected and prolific songwriter and recording artist, Napolitano is also a lifelong gallery artist having studied art in Mata Ortiz, Mexico (“I was a gifted kid and got some scholarship to UCLA when I was 12 for art. Not sure I’ve lived up to it.”) and has contributed to group shows in Los Angeles and New York as well as participating in installations including a multi-media performance at the historical landmark The Integratron in the California Mojave Desert. Johnette’s music can be heard on many television and film soundtracks, including “The Sopranos” and the sci-fi hit “Underworld”. The ‘Rough Mix’ series are random volumes of memoirs, stories, poetry, lyrics, drawings, photos and essays.

RoughMix #2 closes with an excerpt from a screenplay in progress – the true story of a late mentor’s Southern court trial in the early 1960’s that resulted in a judgment in her favor and the acknowledgement of Spiritualism as a recognized religion in the United States. “It was a real witch trial, she was my New Orleans ‘mom’. I promised her I wouldn’t work on it until she was gone” says Napolitano, who is clairaudient since childhood and a professional tarot reader offering personal and private readings through her website,

“I’m also working on a children’s book about animal spirits. It’s hard to lose a pet.”

Her own independent Joshua Tree Recording Company was established in 2016 and has produced an album (“The Naked Album”) and 3 singles/music videos ,”The Highway” “Crib Girl” “Riding The Moon” all which can be seen on YOUTUBE. The animated music video for “Riding The Moon”, a collaboration, was selected as a finalist at the 2019 Firenze Film Festival in Florence, Italy.

Johnette lives in Joshua Tree, California, with her dogs Cholla, Chuey, and Squeaky, who all get along with her blue-eyed pink and white Cremello Quarterhorse mare, True.

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