Jeffrey Osier

Jeffrey Osier was born in Chicago Illinois in 1954, on the very day that a CIA covert operation brought down the government of Guatemala. His very first movie theater experience was George Pal’s Tom Thumb. His very first musical hero was Bernard Herrmann. His first phase of short story writing dealt mainly with the effects of radiation on insects and the awakening of great slumbering dinosaurs. This was followed by a series of stories dealing mainly with the fact that girls didn’t like him. This was followed by … oh, what’s the use. Listen … he’s a dabbler, pure and simple. He plays various musical instruments, sometimes; draws and paints, sometimes; and writes short stories, sometime in the past. He is married to the exceptionally wonderful Cathy VanPatten, has two amazing children, one grandchild, and two cats.

He is currently working on a very important project whose details he is keeping under wraps just in case he never finishes it.

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