Ingo Swann

INGO SWANN was internationally known as an advocate and researcher of the exceptional powers of the human mind, and as a leading figure in governmental and scientific projects to investigate and identify the scope of subtle human perceptions.

Since 1970, his name and work have been incorporated into most contemporary books about PSI and the “paranormal.” He was featured in four volumes of Time-Life’s bestselling series entitled Mysteries of the Unknown. His contributive work has achieved broad media notice and been featured in every major American/British television documentary on the subject of PSI phenomena and Remote Viewing. Swann has been interviewed and/or profiled in dozens of magazines, including Time, Reader’s Digest, Smithsonian and Newsweek.

Swann’s early work in parapsychology, as a noted and highly successful “guinea pig,” made him a psychic superstar in that field. His subsequent research on behalf of American intelligence interests, including that of the CIA, won him top PSI-spy status. His involvement in government research projects required the discovery of innovative approaches toward the actual realizing of subtle human energies. He viewed PSI powers as only parts of the larger spectrum of human sensing systems.
The author of more than ten books, including Penetration: The Question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy, Psychic Sexuality and To Kiss Earth Goodbye, a memoir of his childhood and early years in PSI research, Swann was also a visionary artist. His paintings can be found in many private collections and museums, such as The National Air and Space Museum, the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) and The American Visionary Art Museum.

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