Gary Clifton

Gary Clifton, forty years a cop, including a twenty-five-year career as an ATF Agent, has spent a lifetime squarely in a free front row seat to the damnedest show on Earth. Having been shot at, shot, stabbed, sued, lied to and about, and frequently misunderstood, there is no violent crime, vicious situation, nor clever criminal subterfuge he hasn’t seen. Of the many tales he’s written, each is based in some actual crime he’s handled, with names changed only to protect the guilty. He has a master’s in psychology, an invaluable tool in trying to unravel the violence human beings can inflict upon each other.

Clifton published a novel, Burn Sugar Burn in national paperback in 1987. Since, he’s found more fertile ground in short fiction pieces. The Toronto based magazine, Bewildering Stories, has published more than fifty of Clifton’s stories. He has published upwards of sixty more in various venues, including Broadkill Review, The Simone Press, Beat to a Pulp, Yellow Mama, Rusty Nail, Crack the Spine, and numerous others.

Currently, he’s retired to a dusty North Texas ranch where he doesn’t much give a damn if school keeps or not.

A selection of Clifton’s work is available on his blog at

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