Bob Booth

Bob Booth (1947 – 2013) was once called “one of the secret giants behind the horror community.” His career in speculative fiction began when he was hired by Don Grant Publishing in 1972, which led to him joining the World Fantasy Convention board in 1975. After serving as WFC Chairman in 1979, he and his wife Mary founded the Northeastern Writers’ Convention (a.k.a. “Camp Necon”) in 1980. He served as Chairperson for Necon’s first five years and then remained on Necon’s executive committee for the rest of his life, editing and publishing anthologies such as Necon Stories (1990), Necon XX (2000), Necon 25: A Necon Double Chapbook (2005), and The Big Book of Necon (Cemetery Dance, 2009). He also founded the Necon E-Books digital publishing company in 2010 that has since become part of Crossroad Press’s “Necon Presents” line. An avid writer, reader, book collector, and lover of the written word, Bob was simply known as “Papa Necon” to all the creative souls whose lives he touched.

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