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We are a small publisher with a very new and forward-thinking business model.  The traditional distribution system requires too large a discount for us to remain profitable, and requires that we accept returns, which we have no facility or staff to maintain.  That said, we want to become as dealer and library friendly as possible.

Our new and original titles, starting around 2019, are available through Ingram distribution, or through direct order by contacting us directly. We offer 45% wholesale discount plus shipping. If we can, we also discount the shipping. Our older titles are only available wholesale by direct order through Crossroad Press via the e-mail link below.

David Niall Wilson – Publisher & CEO
David Dodd – Associate Editor and Vice President of Publications
Patricia Lee Macomber – Contributing editor


2 thoughts on “Dealers & Librarians

  1. do you still have a paper catalog? I work as the tech in a traditional library setting at the Adrian Dominican Sisters in Michigan, who are aging and dislike E- anything.
    if you do- please send us one…

    Catherine of Siena Library
    Adrian Dominican Sisters
    Madden Hall, Information Department
    1257 Siena Heights Dr.
    Adrian, MI 49221-1755

  2. We are in the midst of creating a paper catalog, but mostly we will be sending it out in .pdf… our business model puts most of the money in the hands of the authors, and that doesn’t leave a lot of overhead for things like physical mailings… we have a LOT of titles available in print though…

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