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Crossroad Press eBooks are available in a variety of formats.  We try to provide a wide spectrum of support, and all of our books are DRM free.

Since the laws have changed requiring online stores to report and pay sales tax to all states, we no longer sell anything directly through our website. Our books are available in eBook formats from, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks, Kobo, the Google Play store and at 

Our Audiobooks are available through, iTunes and Many of our eBooks and audiobooks are “Whispersync” ready, which means if you buy one, or the other edition, you get a discount on the one you did not buy. If you do this and listen to audiobooks on your Amazon Kindle, you can switch back and forth, stop listening at a certain point of the audiobook and sync the eBook to continue from the same point.

Our print books have been published over many years, and are available in different ways. Most of our older titles are available at and reach wider distribution through Amazon. Our new, original titles are available through Ingram’s distribution, and also through Amazon.

Bookstores  / libraries / dealers can buy our print titles at a discount of 45% plus shipping by e-mailing us HERE.


4 thoughts on “Buying From Crossroad Press

  1. What year is the latest edition of Alex Miller’s ” THE BLACK HOLE BOOK”?
    Can I buy it at this web site? I bought an older copy a Red paper back style standard
    book in the 1990’s. Has that edition been updated?
    Has Alex written anything else on Black Holes? Does the newsletter- mailing list mentioned here
    have any BH info on a regular basis

  2. As far as I know this is the only version of Alex’s book. I know nothing about his Newsletter, sorry to day. You can find all titles of his from Crossroad Press by searching his name in the upper right hand of our page.

  3. Back in 2033 you did an audible version of Spadework by Bill Pronzini. I would like to know if you can make me a CD version.. I will gladly purchase it.

  4. It’s not legal Patrick. We are in long term contracts with ACX and Audible, and our distribution is exclusive.

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