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Since our last post in February, and through the beginning of March, we have been busy at Crossroad Press. Rather than go on at length here, I’m going to share a wealth of links to new releases and pre-orders. Most of the pre-orders are discounted so you need to order them before release date to get the best price. Several of those already have audiobooks on pre-order as well, and are Whispersync for Voice ready – meaning if you buy the discounted eBook you get a big price break on accompanying audio. Let’s get this started!


The Island – Sara Brooke – July 13, 2021
Hour of the Robot – Paul R. McNamee – July 6, 2021
The Horror of Supervillainy – C. T. Phipps – April 1, 2021
Utopia Falls – Kody Boye – June 1, 2021
3:33 AM – Luke Hindmarsh – May 11, 2021
Please Don’t Tell My Parents I Work for a Supervillain – Richard Roberts – May 4, 2021
A Nightmare on Elk Street – C. T. Phipps – April 27, 2021
Tales of Yog-Sothoth – Edited by C. T. Phipps – April 27, 2021
The Book of Yig – Edited by David Hambling – April 6, 2021
Voices in the Darkness – Edited by David Niall Wilson – April 13, 2021
Vengeance of Boon – Ed Kurtz – April 6, 2021
Bela Lugosi’s Dead – Robert Guffey – April 6, 2021


Burning Bright – Melissa Scott
The Colony Dancers – Caro Soles
The Writing of One Novel – Irving Wallace

By Hans Holzer:
White House Ghosts / The Great British Ghost Hunt
The Handbook of Parapsychology / The Ghosts that Walk in Washington

Forotten Souls – T. G. Aresnault
Silverglass Series – J. F. Rivkin
Murder in Miniature & Mayhem in Miniature – Camille Minichino
Causes Unknown & The Donors – Leslie Alan Horvitz
The Supervillainy Saga, Volume One – C. T. Phipps
The Scarlet Woman – Glen Ebisch

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