Celebrating Women in Horror Month

In celebration of National Women in Horror month… we have selected a chunk of quality darkness for you from the Crossroad Press catalog, and we’ve dropped the prices to an even $2.99 apiece for the month of February. Pick up a new favorite… share the link, spread the word. And don’t worry… the ladies are just as frightening as they seem.

Hell Gate—Elizabeth Massie

Carousel—Janet Joyce Holden

Darksong—Jean Tennant

In Silence Sealed—Kathy Ptacek

The Genesis Code—Lisa von Biela

Child of the Night – Nancy Kilpatrick

The Dark Kiss, Bk 1: My Love Eternal—Liz Strange

After Alice—Margaret Bingley

The Hollower—Mary SanGiovanni

Witch-Light—Melanie Tem and Nancy Holder

Suffer the Flesh—Monica J. O’Rourke

Knuckles & Tales—Nancy A. Collins

The Wind Caller—P. D. Cacek

Switchblade—Sandy DeLuca

The Bloodmane Chronicles—Sara Brooke

The Birds and the Bees—Sephera Giron

A Fresh Start—Somer Canon

44 Years in Darkness—Sylvia Shults

That’s Not My Name—Yvonne Navarro

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