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It’s been a trying year. People have been locked in, masked up, worried for family and friends… but some have remained productive. This year we at Crossroad Press have released twenty-five Crossroad Press originals across several genres. We are reaching more readers, some libraries, some book stores… here are the originals for 2020 (so far) . Some are still on pre-order, and I hope you’ll consider ordering them ahead of time. Every pre-order counts as a sale on release day – and when a book releases with a higher ranking, it is more visible to the world at large. We also very much appreciate reviews. These are the titles currently available for pre-order. Note that Tuxedo Junction will go live on Monday. This collection from Thom Carnell got a wonderful review in Publisher’s Weekly and would make a great last minute Christmas present…

TUXEDO JUNCTION – by Thom Carnell – Pre-order before 12/15/2020: This is is the third short story collection from FANGORIA / DREAD CENTRAL veteran writer Thom Carnell. Thom’s fiction has been featured in CARPE NOCTEM MAGAZINE, SWANK MAGAZINE, in his novels NO FLESH SHALL BE SPARED and NO FLESH SHALL BE SPARED: DON’T LOOK BACK, and in the short story collections MOONLIGHT SERENADES and A STRING OF PEARLS.

ALIBI – by John McCarty – Pre-order before 1/12/2021 : When Koll falls under suspicion of murder, all the evidence seems against him. Fortunately he has an airtight alibi – until suddenly he doesn’t. As the police gather evidence for an arrest, it falls on Koll to clear himself – to find out who has set him up, and why?

FLIGHT OF THE PAWNEE – by Marc Liebman – Pre-order before 1/12/2021 : Why would al-Qaeda, the Mexican Brotherhood and the Sinaloa cartel work together?” This is the question Derek Almer starts asking his contact at the CIA in the summer of 2015. …Derek risks all as he pursues al-Rashid in an attempt to prevent the attack that, if successful, could kill more than al Qaeda’s original goal of 10,000.

THE PRESIDENT’S DOCTOR – by Bestselling author David Shobin – Preorder by 1/19/2021 : Admiral John Townsend, the White House physician. Dark forces were at work behind the scenes, intent on unseating the president—by any means possible. Is Townsend up to the job of stopping them, or will his deep-seated fears result in national tragedy?

THE SCREAMING DEAD – by Peter Mark May and Richard Farren Barber – Preorder by 2/9/2021 : Death isn’t always the end or the answer. Sam thought his suicide would be the end of his suffering, but he was wrong, as he wakes up in a never-ending graveyard. He soon realises he has an opportunity to be reunited with his departed twin brother, Paul. Yet they must cross through the many planes of the afterlife to find each other. They will need to escape the hordes of the dead, survive forests where burning corpses are nailed to trees, and navigate the feuds and machinations of the people who promise to help them along the way.

FABULOUS IN TIGHTS – Adventures of the Whirlwind Book #1 – by Hal Bodner – Preorder by 3/2/2021 : By day, Alec is the owner of a successful male escort service, living an idyllic life with a husband he adores. By night, Alec is the only man strong enough, fast enough, and svelte enough to reluctantly squeeze into the skintight turquoise mantle of the superhero known as the Whirlwind. No matter how many supervillains choose Centerport to kick-off their crazy schemes of mass destruction and world domination, the Whirlwind will always be there to defeat them. And he will always look fabulous in tights!

VENGEANCE OF BOON – A Boon Angchuan Adventure – by Ed Kurtz – Preorder by 4/6/2021 : t’s been a decade since Boonsri Angchuan and Edward Splettstoesser parted ways in California at the bloody end of her original vengeance trail. Now, she finds herself in the middle of a South American war with a new partner to tell the tale, a young Mexican woman named Lily Contreras with a dark past and more than a little blood on her own hands.

VOICES IN THE DARKNESS – Edited by David Niall Wilson – Fiction by Nadia Bulkin, Kathe Koja, Elizabeth Massie, Nick Mamatas, Cassandra Khaw and Brian A. Hopkins – Preorder by 4/13/2021 – Sometimes the world is a very dark place. You know the magic is still out there, but it feels distant, or displaced. Voices in the Darkness is an attempt to create a link, to bring some of those voices together in a single work of art. Six award-winning authors lent their talent to this work. The stories are unique, and dark, filled with wonder and emotion.

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