The Macabre Ink Resurrected Horrors Series, Wave Two

Crossroad Press is pleased to announce the second wave of its Macabre Ink Resurrected Horrors series. This set includes eight horror books from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s, all of which are available in both digital and print format. Like the first wave, these books have been updated to the newest styles and formatting, with their covers updated with the series ribbon for easy identification. Here are the eight books in wave two of the Macabre Ink Resurrected Horrors series:


An Evil Secret

Danny West knew that something was wrong from the first day his folks moved into the rundown house next to the creepy graveyard. The neighborhood kids would never come over to play. At night, he saw weird shadows prowling around the crumbling tombstones, and heard strange gurgling sounds. But his parents wouldn’t listen to him. They said he had a good imagination…

Then bad things started to happen. Terrible, gruesome things that even scared his dad. There was something in the graveyard. Something in the graveyard. Something that no kid could ever have imagined. Something that should have been left alone to Rest In Peace.


Wild Things…

They’ve been with us forever—prowling the smoky roadhouse dives that are their watering holes and hunting grounds. Predators, lurking amidst the human herd.

Changing shape at will. Lusting for blood and meat they are gods in the wild. Gods in disguise. And they feed on the spark inside each of us.

Syd was just another lonely working class guy singing the steel-town blues. Then he met Nora. She’s sensual. Erotic. Amoral. A creature of the night and she’s luring Syd across the line that few can cross—and fewer survive: the line that separates man from beast.


Born of the twisted faith of a teenage boy in a backwoods Georgia church, a new addiction is carried to the brutal streets of Chicago. In a dark alley, on a steamy June night, the fifth victim of a serial killer rises from the dead as its first initiate. Unable to resist her dark new desire, trapped by her own body and perverse yearning, she is alive but not alive, dead but not undead—forced by the raging call inside to spread the …


Across a landscape of urban violence, the contagion passes from hand to hand, flesh to flesh, predator to prey. One by one, its unwilling victims return to live again—only to discover a craving that is not to be denied. Soon they learn the terrible truth of their rebirth: there is no life after death … only hunger.


At first glance, Dreamthorp seems as named—a charming Pennsylvania Chautauqua town set deep in the woods. A perfect haven from the pressures of urban life. But before long this “village of dreams” is enmeshed in a nightmare, a dark dream of cruel torture and savage death.

Is the cause magic, centuries old? Or is it a new and unexpected magic born of random violence and mindless brutality?

Among those searching for the answer are:

Tom Brewer, a recent widower whose attempts to reconcile with his disturbed teenage son seem as futile as his efforts as a carver to bring life out of wood…

Laura Stark, a newcomer to Dreamthorp, dealing with the mysteries of her newly discovered sexuality and the aftermath of her lover’s vicious murder…

And Gilbert Rodman, more than human and far less than divine, a serial killer who lives only for revenge on the one woman his twisted mind blames for his bizarre mutilation—Laura.

As Rodman blazes his own bloody trail across the country to reach Laura, the horrors of Dreamthorp intensify, until one unholy night Tom and Laura confront the terrors that haunt not only our worst dreams, but our most feared realities.


From the haunted Carpathian Mountains of darkest Transylvania, Dracula reveals the Secret History of Vampires, Witches, and blasphemous horror.

Told in his own words, here is the story of Dracula, a mortal warlord destined to become the Vampire King of the Undead.

You have been told many lies. Now learn the truth.

Welcome to Dracula’s world.


To outsiders, the deep, impenetrable forest that blankets Vermont’s Green Mountains gives the state its peaceful and verdant mystique, but those same dark woods hide a secret from pre-history that reaches menacingly into the present. Joseph A. Citro’s widely read publications about the more haunting history, legends, and lore of New England have earned him a reputation as an expert on themes of the supernatural. In this book (first published in 1987), however, he deftly melds real-life ancient ruins, a keen eye for the social fabric of small-town Vermont, and a soaring imagination to fashion a gripping tale of a family’s life-or-death struggle to save their farm from an enemy far more devastating than banks, taxes, or land developers.

Eric Nolan is a man already too familiar with death. His brother’s long-ago disappearance, the loss of his parents, and his wife’s recent demise in an auto accident have left him near the edge physically and emotionally. In desperation he returns to his boyhood haunt, the family farm in rural Antrim, Vermont, now occupied by his cousin, Pamela, her husband, Clint, and Luke, their four-year-old son. But any solace Eric might find there is short-lived. Something terrible is going on in the woods on Pinnacle Mountain and it seems to be centered around a mysterious stone structure that, a local historian believes may be the relic of an ancient race.

The mystery deepens as people begin to vanish one by one, first a village policeman, then a local hermit, a researcher, and finally Clint himself. As baffling and violent incidents continue it becomes harder to deny that a powerful and malevolent force is at work in the Green Mountains, a force that has targeted young Luke. Though it defies Eric’s every rational instinct, he must ultimately confront a reality he can neither accept nor deny. As he and the others struggle to quell the rising tide of evil, the siege escalates to a brutal battle for life itself.

Citro twists every shock possible out of this finely crafted gothic thriller that tests the limits of legend and belief.


The sineater is a mysterious, terrifying figure of the night, condemned to live alone in the mountains. He comes out only when a death occurs in the small community of Beacon Cove. As mourners at the wake turn to face the wall, the sineater enters to eat food off the chest of the dead, thus taking on the sins of the departed and cleansing the soul to enter heaven. The sineater has a family, yet even they must be asleep on the rare occasions he comes home for a midnight meal. The elder son, Curry, works as an oak weaver and prepares himself for life as the sineater when his father dies. Joel, the younger son, attends the community school but is either ignored or taunted by the other students.

A rash of violent crimes and murders rock Beacon Cove. The religious leadership announces that the sineater, overburdened with sins he has consumed, has become the embodiment of the devil. They must forbid him from attending wakes and do all they can to protect themselves from his evil. However, when troubled young Burke Campbell moves to Beacon Cove, he challenges the community’s superstitions and fears and forces Joel to face the reality of who he is…and who his father is.


(Originally published as Night Visions 7)

• A jazz musician whose powerful music just might wake the dead.
• A sleepy Wisconsin town harbors an evil that has waited generations to exact its revenge.
• A young couple struggles for survival amid the ruins of civilization after a devastating biological world war.
• A member of the clergy who gives a whole new literal interpretation of the phrase “eat of my flesh”.
• A demented babysitter is taught a grizzly lesson by the children she torments.

NIGHT VISIONS: AT THE CROSSROAD presents eight tales of horror and dark fantasy by Richard Laymon, Chet Williamson, and Gary Brandner.

Prepare to enter a world where your darkest nightmare can become a chilling reality… A world of Night Visions.

Stories included in this collection:

  • Mop Up by Richard Laymon
  • Wishbone by Richard Laymon
  • Bad News by Richard Laymon
  • Madman Stan by Richard Laymon
  • Blue Notes by Chet Williamson
  • The Confessions of St. James by Chet Williamson
  • Assurances of the Self Extinction of Man by Chet Williamson
  • Damntown by Gary Brandner

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  1. Great selections. Sineater is a novel every horror fan should read. Super original.

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