10 Summer Releases: Pre-order Now!

We’ve been busy since the spring getting brand new Crossroad Original titles ready for you. We’ve had our Covid-19 challenges (mostly the day jobs eating up extra time) but the wheels are still turning. Several of these books have already gotten great reviews in Publisher’s Weekly and many have audiobooks on pre-order as well. Here they are in order of release! The Second star – 1 July, 2020; Signalz – 7 July, 2020; Eden’s Return – 20 July, 2020; Star Quest: All That Remains – 31 July; As an Old Memory – 4 August, 2020, Murder Old and New – 18 August, 2020; Psycho Killers in Love – 25 August, 2020; Witches – 25 August, 2020, Hotel Destiny – 15 September, 2020 and Blue Hill – 6 October, 2020. Get your orders in and be among the first to enjoy these wonderful new books.

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