Top 15 Print Titles from Crossroad Press in 2017

Print editions of our books continue to be a conundrum. Nearly every time we post about a new digital book, dozens of folks say – will there be a print edition? Then, after the hours and hours of extra labor to make it so (and expense per year per title to keep them live) no one buys them. Very seriously – the numbers are staggeringly low. Most of our sales go to the authors themselves for sales at conventions… independent stores want to buy through the distributor, but we can’t offer 50 to 55% off cover price without pricing them ridiculously high, and we would go out of business if we accepted returns. We have begun moving our trade paperbacks to the new Amazon KDP print program, which will work out much better all around… That said – we DID sell books in print last year. Big winner on fiction is Jack Ketchum – and you’ll note that occult and metaphysical non-fiction titles rule the rest of the list… I give you the top 15 selling print book titles from Crossroad Press (with links to Amazon because although I have loaded 1100 books of our 1500 plus into the new store, not all of these are among them so far… onward into 2018!

  1. ESP Wars: East & West by Edwin C May, Victor Rubel, Joseph W McMoneagle, and Loyd Auerbach
  2. The Great Apparitions of Mary: An Examination of Twenty-Two Supranormal Appearances by Ingo Swann
  3. Fractured Spirits: Hauntings at the Peoria State Hospital by Sylvia Shults
  4. The Ultimate Time Machine by Joseph McMoneagle
  5. Vermont’s Haunts: Tall Tales and True from the Green Mountain State by Joseph A. Citro
  6. Stranglehold by Jack Ketchum
  7. Everyone Dies in the End by by Brian Katcher
  8. The Stargate Chronicles: Memoirs of a Psychic Spy by Joseph McMoneagle
  9. The Complete Book of the Winter Olympics by David Wallechinsky and Jaime Loucky
  10. The Crossings: A Terrifying Novel of the Old West by Jack Ketchum
  11. Closing Time and Other Stories by Jack Ketchum
  12. Mind Trek by Joseph McMoneagle
  13. Miraculous Journey by Anne and Whitley Strieber
  14. Temporary Hauntings by Craig Shaw Gardner
  15. Trumped!: The Inside Story of the Real Donald Trump-His Cunning Rise and Spectacular Fall by John R. O’Donnell & James Rutherford

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