Realms of Wonder – 14 SF / F Novel Bundle All 1st in Series


ONLY $2.99!

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The first of our series of holiday bundles, Realms of Wonder features fourteen novels of science fiction or fantasy by various award-winning and bestselling authors. For $2.99, you’re getting fourteen novels, each the first book in a continuing series, containing over 1.15 million words in total, and a savings of almost $50 if each title was purchased separately. This bundle is only available for a limited time, so purchase your copy before it’s gone.

Titles included in this collection:

The Birth of the Dread Remora – by Aaron Rosenberg – Book I of The Tales of the Scattered Earth
The Parting – by David Niall Wilson – Book I of the Novels of the O.C.L.T.
Haydn of Mars – By Al Sarrantonio – Book I of The Masters of Mars Trilogy
City of Iron – By Chet Williamson – Book I of The Searchers Series
Exile – By Al Sarrantonio – Book One of The Five Worlds Trilogy
Blood River Down – By Charles L. Grant – Book I of The Quest for the White Duck Trilogy
A Malady of Magicks – By Craig Shaw Gardner – Book I of The Ebenezum Series
Symphony – By Charles L. Grant – Book I of The Millennium Quartet
Lost Things – By Melissa Scott & Jo Graham – Book I of The Order of the Air
The Phoenix Bells – By Kathryn Ptacek – Book I of The Land of Ten Thousand Willows
Heart of a Dragon – By David Niall Wilson – Book I of The DeChance Chronicles
No Small Bills – By Aaron Rosenberg – Book I of The Adventures of DuckBob
Five-Twelfths of Heaven – By Melissa Scott – Book I of The Roads of Heaven Trilogy
The Quest of the Thirteen – By John DeFilippis – Book I of The Medallion of Mavinor Series

2 thoughts on “Realms of Wonder – 14 SF / F Novel Bundle All 1st in Series

  1. I would love to see this offer with drama, who donit, detective series, serial killers etc. I love reading on my Nook but I’ve never really been able to read this genre…….!
    Thanks for the offer!


    Michael D Scott

  2. The very next bundle will be nearly twenty first-in-series mystery novels from folks like Ed Gorman, Bill Crider, William Bayer, Raymond Benson and more… there will also be one for thrillers, one for mainstream, etc…

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