Nothing is Constant, Except Change


After more than a decade of using for hosting, I finally decided it was time to move on.  I run several WordPress sites, including this one.  Recently, there was a vulnerability in WordPress that allowed a java-injected malware to screw up the feeds on a great number of WordPress sites.  GoDaddy was one of the hosts hit hard.  They were absolutely no help.  I know what I’m doing, and the guy I got for support was clearly first level – and held me on the phone for hours – then when I sent in the screen shots the actual network engineer asked for, I never heard from them at all.  They won’t admit they allowed the problem, and they won’t take any responsibility for it.  That’s fine.  They make most of their money on domain registration, selling services, etc… their site has become a web of things you have to say no to before you get what you need… I’ve moved all my sites to a secure, dedicated home that doesn’t put every new domain in a folder on the same hosting – that actually provides support when we need it, and that is co-located with our store.

The sites for all of the imprints have not yet gone live, but they will come back eventually – I think.  Keeping them all up separately, while providing more visibility, has proven a bit more burdensome than I expected, and I may draw it all back into this blog, where our newsletter is located.

So… for now… direct your sites here for all updates involving Crossroad Pres.  If you would spread the word – anyone who wants to be on our newsletter list (no more than a couple a month – never intrusive) can send an e-mail to with ADD ME TO THE LIST  – please spread that around.  The more the merrier.

You can, as always, find our newest titles at the following links.  The titles in our online store are lagging behind as we have fought to catch up some previously Amazon exclusive titles across other sites, and to get a lot of new material available in a very short amount of time.  Bear with us – everything is getting better.

New Crossroad Press titles at    AMAZON    BARNES & NOBLE    SMASHWORDS

-David Niall WIlson



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