The Complete Book of the Winter Olympics UPDATE!

2014 OlympicswebThe eBook editions of the Complete Book of the Winter Olympics by David Wallechinsky and Jaime Loucky are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and at the Crossroad Press webstore.  If you buy from Crossroad Press please remember to select from the available formats using the check boxes at the bottom of the product page.  The print edition is in final proofing and will be submitted for processing to the printer tonight.  I expect that the print edition will be available for order by sometime next week.  If you need the book more quickly than normal creation and shipping would allow for (this is a Print on Demand title, until there is an order it’s not created) – let us know.  For an additional charge we will be able to expedite both printing and shipping.  This book will be available through and Barnes & Noble shortly after approval, and through Crossroad Press immediately after the final proofs are approved.  I will announce that the moment it happens, and will put up the order page at the Crossroad Press Store.  Thanks for your patience.  This is a big, important project, and it’s been quite a ride getting it ready…


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